Renata Mrazova – be passionate and authentic

Renata Mrazova – be passionate and authentic

Renata Mrazova – be passionate and authentic

avtor 4. novembra, 2020

As we continue to battle the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that we do not return to ‘business as usual’. For this reason, the European SDG Summit 2020  focused on “Impactful Partnerships to Build Back Better”.  End of October, CSR Europe‘s worldwide community of sustainability leaders met to incubate action-oriented collaborations.

The topic Women Leaders – How to empower women to lean in, organized by Business Leaders Forum, was chosen for one of the roundtables of the SDG Summit. Our editor-in-chief, Natalie Cvikl Postružnik, was one of three speakers at the roundtable, the other two being Renata Mrazova, Chief People Officer at Home Credit International, and Beatriz Rubio del Campo, Accessibility Manager, Ilunion Hotels, Spain. They are all truly exceptional; and in the video below you can find some insights on leadership and motivation; inspiration and passion from Renata Mrazova. She has a track record of a successful career and excellent results in the role of NN’s CEO in the Czech Republic, and also Global Head of HR of the insurance company NN Group in The Hague. She is a recipient of the 2019 Stanton Chase Chairman’s Diversity and Inclusion Award. Renata was named manager of the year by the Czech Management Association in the insurance and banking category (2012).

Never give up!

“Sometimes there is a fine line between determination and optimism.” Renata  recalls learning this from her grandfather, who has been a mentor and an ‘idol’ to her. His family had lost their business under the communist regime, but he never became bitter about that. Instead, he told young Renata to “Never give up!” and he demonstrated those words by his example—a memory that she cherishes to this day. This determination is the foundation for belief in yourself, which gives way to self-confidence, which in turn leads to optimism, or a strong belief that you will prevail.

Renata was later to demonstrate this in her own life when she was refused admittance as a student to university for what was most likely political reasons. What was her response—acceptance of defeat? No. She applied for a job at the university as a typist, viewing this rejection as a temporary setback. In essence, she learned how to delay gratification until the timing was right, which it eventually was and she got into university after the fall of the regime in 1989. This ability to delay gratification is a powerful tool in life as well as in a career. (source)


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