Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots

avtor 16. februarja, 2020

Posebni dan, ko naša urednica Natalie Cvikl Postružnik z najmlajšo hčero praznuje njen 12 rojstni dan, je pravi dan, da objavimo nekaj res inspirativnega, navdihujočega, izven okvirjev tako in drugače. “Izpod peresa osebe, ki me je s svojimi dejanji vedno znova presenečala, ki ima veliko srce in še širšo dušo … človeka, ki je prepotoval svet, da bi našel sebe in svoje poslanstvo … človeka, ki vedno in povsod najde srčnost v ljudeh in priložnosti pomagati drugim … ki je srečal in delal z vnukom Nelsona Mandele, Richardom Bransonom, pa še marsikom …,” nadaljuje Natalie. Ker je Tadej mednarodno aktiven, ostaja prispevek v angleščini. Uživajte na popotovanju!

The world is just waiting for you

Have you ever thought of connecting the dots of your journey thus far? Are you owning your life choices or are they owning you? Are you content and inspired or are you disappointed and unsatisfied about your choices?

South Africa

While driving along the busy streets of Joburg (Johannesburg) on a hot sunny day, I am thinking about my decisions in life, my chosen trajectory and the fact that I have always followed my inner voice with regards to all the choices I have made in my life. A surprising revelation, an instant flash of events passed through my mind showing pieces of memories from my journey around the world; the mindfulness of the inhabitants of a fisherman’s island in the Maldives, to being robbed and assaulted in South America, to flying on a hot air balloon above the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, to meeting inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders in South Africa, to my relationships and all the various ups and downs that life can serve us with and much, much more. Choices that shaped the course of my journey, whether they were right choices or not. I realized that it does not matter, what matters is that I fully and un-apologetically accept and own them.

To live without regrets

My thinking has always been to live without regrets, I have chosen and created my own path knowing that I might stumble and fall as I go along but that I would pick myself up again and re-build and re-create again.

There is much talk about a human’s calling, a life with purpose and the human’s search for meaning.

Purpose for many people may mean many things, for some people purpose might be being the best they can be at their homes, local community, for others might be to disrupt a particular industry with new findings and technologies, to dedicate their life to research or a particular cause or mission, for some purpose and meaning might be raising a beautiful family and that is all great, we all choose or rather create our path.

People seek connections, meaning, belonging

Dubai desert

In most of my travels around the world, I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people from different cultures, nationalities, races; from Egypt to Russia, from South America to the Maldives, from the UAE to the Sweden, from the Dominican Republic to South Africa and although people from all these various countries have their own unique traits they also have many similarities between one another – the most prevailing and re-occurring dynamics that I have noticed are that people seek connection, meaning, belonging, validation and they are eager to learn more, understand more, see more and feel more. And I listened to their longing for more.

I do believe we have a calling or a purpose that we were destined to live, breathe as well as share with others.


The revelation of my purpose came to me unexpectedly

Often, I have found myself asking what is my actual calling and purpose, does what I am doing have purpose? While absorbing all the information that daily bombards us with how you need to find purpose it sometimes felt like purpose is possible to achieve only if you have this incredible life vision, to save the world or find a cure for an illness or something of the sort, however, one day I have figured it out and it came from an easy understanding. I do have many aspirations and passions in life but travel has always been the one passion on top of my priorities – by travel I mean traveling while working and living and absorbing what and how other cultures live, I wanted to breathe and smell new landscapes and mostly I wanted to be able to connect with other cultures and communicate in as many languages I could and to be the best I can really be in what I was doing.

Branson & Peric

So, in one of Dr John Demartinis’ books, “Inspired Destiny”, I have read that our present life already demonstrates what our priorities are, what values are on top of our hierarchy of values, in other words your present purpose or mission for life will reflect your highest values. Dr. Demartini also writes that what you think is most valuable and what your life demonstrates is most valuable are not always the same, so it is imperative to determine our highest values. I was shocked and amazed at the same time when it struck me. … “I am living my purpose and that is to deliver memorable service and unforgettable experiences to all the thousands of people from around the world that I have met (and I still meet daily) through my career in Tourism & Hospitality, to the knowledge and insight  that I was (and still am) able to share but also receive from all the human interactions and connections along my journey”. Only then, did I realize that I am serving humanity in my very own way.

Cross-roads give us time to reflect and listen to our intuition

The journey is what matters the most, it’s what builds us, it’s what gives us strength, it’s what gives us light and clarity of our chosen steps in life. And as we grow, we change, we seek even further, how can we serve more and be more, and so the purpose just takes a new direction or a new dimension but it does not mean that what we have done until now was wrong, it was simply the path we have chosen and created, a path that shaped us, a path that was essential to bring us where we are now in this present moment with our present thoughts and that now we need to adjust to our current state of being. As with growth, we somehow need to re-align our energy so that we can share and expand our GREATNESS even more and to literally THRIVE in our own unique way.

I have found myself at important cross-roads several times in my life, moments where I had to choose to either take one or the other direction, however, my inner voice always guided me as to the direction to take and any path I would have taken could have been filled with positive or negative, good or bad, challenging and or supporting situations.  All I needed to do is own the moment, own the path and create it in the best possible way in order to grow further.


When I look back in time the wise sentence from Steve Jobs comes to my mind when he said: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards,”  and I suddenly realized that I find myself where I was meant to be, supposed to be and where I love to be. I also realized that success is not about meeting the expectations, as envisaged by the world (our friends, colleagues, family and society), where they expect you to have good standing, wealth, a title and popularity, instead we must do what’s meaningful to us, fulfilling and that sets our soul on fire.

Our purpose can change form and essence

I would like to conclude by saying that ultimately all we should strive for is to be the best we can be, to pursue meaning and to try to understand our purpose but to try and find purpose not too far in a remote dimension and that purpose does not necessarily need to be something out of the ordinary, sometimes purpose can be just truly loving what you do, loving what you stand for and nurturing close relationships, and to keep in our minds that our purpose can change form and essence at various stages of our life and that we should embrace that new essence, new form, new purpose.

And if you find yourself reading this short collection of words, all I can modestly say is that there is a reason for this season in your life. This season might be here to serve you, teach you, inspire you, challenge you, disrupt you, grow you, perhaps to open your mind to new possibilities.

Greetings from the cradle of humankind- South Africa.

Until we connect again.

Tadej Peric

An entrepreneurial professional with global experience within the Tourism & Hospitality Industry. By venturing in this industry, I was given the opportunity to explore the world, absorbing the magnificence of multiple landscapes and cultures. From the Maldives Islands to Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates, cruising with Ocean Liners through Central & South America and Europe as well as Launching river cruises on the European waterways and landing in one of the busiest hubs in Africa – Johannesburg, the city of Gold, where his journey continues.”





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